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Right now we are in the middle of a great two weeks with the Discovery teams! Keep checking the Discovery in El Salvador blog for updates on the men’s construction teams that is already hard at work at CISNA! Also, one of the member’s of last week’s team took lots of great pictures. You can check the photos out here. This week we are excited about welcoming new missionaries to El Salvador! Jake and Becky Hjemvick and their two kids are moving to El Salvador today to work with an organization called Christ for the City. We’ve known the Hjemvicks for a long time, and this is a huge step they are taking in their own lives. Tori remembers their kids from the States and she is looking forward to seeing them […]

Discovery in El Salvador

We are excited to be welcoming two teams from our home church of Discovery Christian Church over the next two weeks! Discovery has been a huge support and encouragement ever since we made the decision to move to El Salvador and they have cheered us on every step of the way. We are truly grateful to have them as a partner in this ministry, and really could not be doing what we are doing without them. We are looking forward to working side by side with familar faces, and some new ones too, over the next two weeks. Tomorrow we welcome the youth team, and then next Saturday the men’s construction team will be here. That will make THREE Discovery teams this year and they are making a difference in […]

Donation Drive a Success!

When we left the U.S. to move half a continent away to El Salvador, we had no idea whether our friends back home would really remember us or stay interested in what we were doing as time went on. But this past weekend proved that friends, family, supporting churches, and even complete strangers are very invested in what’s happening in El Salvador. The last few weekends many people spent time donating, and collecting, items for El Salvador. On Saturday all of the donations were brought to the shipping warehouse where D.T. Gruelle has so generously donated the costs of shipping the container to El Salvador.  We want to give a special thanks to three Pittsburgh area churches which held donation drives to benefit El Salvador. Discovery Christian Church, Norwin Christian […]

Help for Tornado Victims

This past Sunday, a deadly tornado devastated the town of Joplin, Missouri. The scope and destruction of this disaster is historic and truly terrible. Our home church, Discovery Christian Church, has ties with a church in Joplin. This is a trustworthy place to donate, and a group of people that are already making a difference in the aftermath of this devastating storm. For more information or to donate click on the link below.   Joplin Tornado Information.

Running for El Salvador

All you runners out there, I’ve got a race you don’t want to miss! Our home church, Discovery Christian Church, is having a 5K to suppport this summer’s youth mission trip to El Salvador. The proceeds from this trip will go to support the students and to help fund their projects in El Salvador. They are working to help the orphaned and poor who are part of our ministry. The race is being held on Saturday, June 4th at 9:00 AM.  For more information and registration click here. You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

Happy Birthday Ian!

Last Sunday Ian turned four! Every year of his life I am reminded of God’s care for both him and I during a difficult pregnancy with him. I thank God that He has blessed me with such a precious son! Happy Birthday Ian, I love you so much! On his birthday, April 10th, we spent the day with the Discovery team going to church, having pizza with the boys at CISNA, throwing an ice cream party for the La Casa de Mi Padre kids, and then ending the night with pupusas followed by a Superman cake for Ian! Later in the week we had a party for him with his friends at school. Ian was so happy that Tori got to come too because she started spring break. Loved celebrating […]

God is in El Salvador

Right things seem a little tough in El Salvador. My kids seem to be struggling, we all seem stretched a little thin.  I think it’s a just a season we’re in, but I’m feeling the tension. Recently, a great group of women from our home church of Discovery Christian Church, were in El Salvador serving. They were awesome. They were so awesome that I wanted them to pack me up and take me back to the U.S. with them. There’s a part of me that is missing my old life in the suburbs, missing my freedom to walk down the streets, and missing dentist appointments in English. Sometimes I want to go back to suburban America, crawl into an insulated bubble and pretend that I don’t know what’s happening in San Salvador. Pretend that […]

Discovery Team Here!

We’re excited to be hosting a team from our home church, Discovery Christian Church, this week. It is an all women’s team and they will be doing a lot of work in the children’s homes while they are here. We love hosting Discovery and we are thrilled that this is only the first of three teams that are coming to El Salvador this year! If you’d like to follow along with their adventures in El Salvador this week, check out their blog at : The blog password is: discovery.

Home For The Holidays????

I realize that my blogging has been a bit scarce lately as we have been spending the holidays in the States visiting family and getting a little vacation from El Salvador. We spent a week and a half in the Baltimore area with my family, and we are now beginning to wrap up a week and a half in Pittsburgh visiting friends and family here. This whole experience of being “home” has been a very strange one for our family. This is the first time we have been back to the States since we moved to El Salvador and I know that we will need to get used to living among worlds, but it’s been strange nonetheless. A few little observations of “reverse culture shock” have been noticed. For one thing, […]

Staying Connected

A few Sundays ago, my kids had a chance to see all of their church friends from Discovery Christian Church! This happened because of Skype. This is one way to stay connected. I am so grateful that we are working as missionaries during a time in history when we have the internet that allows us to stay so closely connected to our friends and family. Even just one hundred years ago, missionaries would leave for the mission field and many were never to be seen or heard from again! Often, they packed all of their belongings in a coffin so their body could be sent back to their family if they died! The face of missions is very different today with Facebook, blogs, e-mail, and skype. We enjoy taking full […]

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