“Mommy, Why Does Everyone Always Have To Leave?”

“Mommy, why does everyone always have to leave?” My daughter cried this question out through her tears this past Friday as we walked away from her school. She had just finished saying good-bye to a classmate who was moving back to her home country after three years in El Salvador. Tori didn’t take the good-bye well. She never takes it well. Someone leaves after a few weeks, or a year, or three years and she simply can’t cope with it. She can’t cope with it because in her life she is always losing someone, or something, or an identity, or a friend. She lives there in between all the losses. My kids are TCKs…Third Culture Kids.  That means that they don’t belong to their home culture, and they don’t belong to their […]

A New Season

The “October Winds” which bring an end to the rainy season in El Salvador have arrived late this year! Last week violent winds came tearing through the city bringing down trees and knocking out power for several hours. Since the storm temperatures have been cool, and the skies have been blue. Sometimes the change of seasons can bring stress and obstacles, but also peace and new resolutions. We are now in a season of transition ourselves. A few weeks ago, we celebrated four years of life and ministry in El Salvador. For the past four years, we have served as part of the El Salvador staff for Youth With A Mission. We have grown so much during that time, and feel truly blessed with the wonderful friends and co-workers that we […]

Yes, I am a Slacker

I have been completely slacking off on this blog. Life is running away with us these days since we’ve been back in El Salvador. So here’s the short list of what we’ve been doing instead of blogging: Connecting…Lots of new doors and connections have been opened up since our trip and we are excited about new opportunities to serve the streets in El Salvador! Expanding…The El Faro ministry is all set to expand with new workshops, new woman are becoming involved in the Free the Girls program, and I’ve had some new opportunties to work with girls at risk in San Salvador. Circling…We’ve been in a holding pattern with a few transitions in our ministry, but we will update you soon! Appearing on national television…Ok, so Jon and I haven’t […]

Settling In…Again

We made it back to El Salvador last Thursday night and the weekend was a whirlwind of filling our empty refrigerator, buying school uniforms, and covering books and materials with plastic in preparation for the first day of school. This morning, the kids climbed into Jon’s big red truck and headed off to school for the start of a new year. I got a lump in my throat watching them wave good-bye and start First and Fourth Grades. With the start of school, and a return to our regular routine we are back into Spanish, San Salvador traffic, and life in El Salvador. Our time in the States was wonderful and the good-byes were hard (as they always are), but it’s good to be settling back in where we belong. Ready […]

Rest for the Weary

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”   (Matthew 11:28, the Message translation)   This summer we’ve had our feet in 11 States, we’ve met with churches, organizations, and individuals that love El Salvador. We have seen the Statue of Libery, swam in Nana’s pool, had cousin sleepovers, and watched the kids hold their newborn niece. We’ve been prayed over, and we’ve prayed for. We’ve talked and talked about our […]


Six weeks ago we arrived in the U.S. for the start of our furlough. The first week I was still exhausted from all the end of the school year, packing to leave, wrapping up work madness that was our last month in El Salvador. It took at least a week to get the tension out of my shoulders! These past six weeks have been a mix of relaxing, time with family, visiting with friends,speaking in churches, and updating friends and supporters. The kids have taken it all in stride and they have especially loved playing with all of their cousins. We have traveled a lot this summer and they have transitioned well, but they have asked about our house, and they’ve mentioned eating pupusas a few times. It is strange […]


Yesterday I made a quick stop at our local supermarket. I ran in and ran out and just as I was stepping off the front steps and onto the parking lot a feeling of rightness washed over me. The afternoon sun was slanting at just the angle to throw a golden haze over everything, and the sounds and smells of the city swirled around me…horns honking, warming oil from the woman selling tortillas on the side of the road, sun-baked pavement, and the smell of exhaust as cars raced around the circle in front of me. It’s strange, I know, but I felt like I was touching something familiar…like I was home. That word “home” is one that I can’t pin down anymore. It’s here and it’s there. Many of you have followed me on the ups […]

New Location, New Possibilities

This past week we had our first week of ministry in the new building. After months of renovations, it was exciting to see the first realization of the potential that this new space has! El Faro (The Lighthouse) homeless ministry used the building for the first time and the guys and girls were thrilled with the new shower facilities and indoor space out of the sun. Thank you so much to all of our donors who are making this a possibility, and a special shout-out to Discovery Christian Church who kicked this whole thing off as part of their BRIX capital campaign! The bathrooms have been renovated, additional storage and an extra room have been added, a new outdoor sink has been installed, and the outside of the building has […]

Discipleship Training School 2012 Graduates!

Well, 2012 is winding down. There are just a few more weeks left in this year…it’s hard to believe. Last night, the DTS wrapped up with a view words shared by previous students and some testimonies from several of this year’s students. Hearing their words is very encouraging…they were challenged to grow, and they found out more about God and themselves. It’s always bittersweet saying good-bye to friends that we have come to know and love over the past five months. That’s something that I don’t think I will ever get used to…the constant transition of people in and out of our lives. But the positive side is that we get to meet so many great people along their journey. Congratulations to the 2012 DTS students! I’m excited to see where […]


It’s quiet in my house this morning…too quiet. No dog barking, no dog collar jingling….just quiet. Yesterday we said good-bye to our yellow lab, Buddy. He was such a good dog, and he made the “big move” from the U.S. to El Salvador with us. He’s been a part of our family since the very beginning, and I met Buddy when Jon and I first started dating. The whole family is grieving the loss of our “Buddy.” If you are an animal lover than you know how heart-wrenching it is to lose a pet. I will be forever grateful to Buddy for looking out for our family, and for making the transition to El Salvador a smooth one for our children. It feels like a chapter in my life has […]

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