As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe, we are doing our best to serve our clients  and community here in El Salvador. Our circumstances are rapidly changing, but for right now El Salvador is under a national military quarantine. This has left those who live on the streets in a vulnerable position.

To deal with the situation, we have quickly mobilized to coordinate with the Salvadoran government to open a temporary shelter available to those who don’t have a home where they can self-quarantine during this crisis. We are currently filled to capacity and providing meals, activities, workshops, access to medical care, bathrooms, showers, and space for everyone to sleep.

We have no idea how long the situation will go on, for now we are working on covering the needs of our clients for the next 30 days of the current national quarantine order. We have several crucial needs to meet during this time to assure that those who are vulnerable are receiving the best possible care, and there are several ways that you can be involved.

You can donate right now from anywhere in the world, in the following ways:

Donate in the U.S.

Donate in Canada

Donate via PayPal

Donate Bitcoin

For local friends here in El Salvador, we have the following needs:

Large trash bags, disinfectants, brooms, men’s boxers (sizes small, medium, and large), men’s short and pants (size medium), face masks, and towels. You can also donate financially via our local account at:

Banco Davivienda: 029510046988
Nombre: Mission To El Salvador
Tipo de cuenta: Corriente

Para Transferencias-
Titular: Danielle Snyder
NIT: 9450-230909-101-2
Correo electrónico:

In the meantime, can you pray with us for protection from this virus, for safety for our staff and their families, for financial provision, for this to be a great moment of collaboration with the government and others in El Salvador, and for us to have opportunities to share the Gospel in our words and deeds throughout this process?

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement!

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