Our mission is all about empowering our clients to find freedom to realize their dreams and pursue their futures. But we also love when our partners get to dream too! What makes your heart beat faster?

Our Advocates have the opportunity to take on the challenge and joy of helping us to fully fund projects, programs, and resources. We empower our Advocates to use their voices in their own circles to help make miracles happen here in El Salvador!



Project Advocate

Is there a special project that you would love to help fund? Would you be interested in helping us to meet a special need that we have for a vehicle, or maintenance, or staff training? Our Project Advocates have the opportunity to take on a project, and see it through until it’s fully funded!

New Dawn Advocate

Our New Dawn Advocates work to help one child at a time complete their treatment in our rehab program. Your “job” is to use your voice, influence, and connections to not only sponsor New Dawn at $40, but get 10 others to join you as well! We will help you with any information, graphics, etc. to help you get the job done!

Lighthouse Advocate

Our Advocates for the Lighthouse Resource Center have the same work to do! Your job as a Lighthouse Advocate is to pick a resource that you are excited about funding! Maybe it’s emotional therapy, addiction treatment, or support for trafficking survivors? Then you work to get 7 friends to join you until that resource is fully funded! It’s a practical way to use your voice to meet practical needs in El Salvador, and we will help you get the resources you need to make it happen!

Advocates for Growth

As Mission To El Salvador grows, we realize that we can’t be in all the places where we want to share about the wonderful things happening in El Salvador! We are looking for Advocates for Growth who love our work, and want to help spread the word! These Advocates can speak at events, raise funds, and help mobilize other Advocates to take on projects and sponsorships.

Contact us today so we can talk more about what your mission to El Salvador is, and what kind of dreams you have!

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