Our Mission



We exist to empower Salvadorans to find freedom to realize their dreams and pursue their futures.



Our Strategy

El Salvador is a beautiful country, but it has suffered as a result of a brutal 12 year civil war that left scars of violence, trauma, and poverty. We take a holistic approach to creating sustainable projects which address the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental needs of those most vulnerable to the defeating consequences of poverty, addiction, and exploitation in El Salvador.

Vulnerable members of our community include survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation, individuals facing homelessness and extreme poverty, individuals who have recently returned from the U.S., and adults and children who are on a journey toward addiction recovery.

Instead of giving hand-outs and creating dependency, we work to give a hand up as we identify assets and potential in those we serve. We are working to empower these members of our community toward new opportunities, dignifying work, and a chance to dream about and work toward a new future where they truly can find freedom to grow.

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