Mission To El Salvador has been featured on several local and international news outlets.


In El Salvador

Lighthouse Resource Center Inauguration  – “Light of Hope in the Darkness”

New Dawn Residential Program Inauguration

MTES has also been featured in the Salvadoran women’s magazine, Sendas Para La Mujer



In the Financial Times article, “El Salvador’s Teenage Girls Trapped by Turf War.”

The CNN Freedom Project update on Free The Girls’ partnership with Mission To El Salvador , “An unusual weapon against modern-day slavery.”

On the Defiance Podcast with Peter McCormack, “Homeless, Addiction, and Sex Worker Support in El Salvador.”


Update Videos

You can see our recent update videos from El Salvador below:

2017 Update

2018 Update

2019 Update

2020/2021 Update

Introducing the Change Therapy & Training Center

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