Vision Trips

Is your church or organization interested in partnering with us? Want to discover more about what Mission To El Salvador is all about?

If you are interested in coming to experience our work firsthand, you are invited to join us for a Vision Trip. These trips are a few days in length and give you a chance to see what is happening in El Salvador and how you can be involved!

Service & Learning Trips

We believe that here in San Salvador, change does not happen overnight. There are many complex factors that contribute to the crisis situations in which many individuals in San Salvador find themselves. We work to do everything in the appropriate relational and cultural context. We seek to learn and understand before we expect others to understand us and our points of view. It’s a long process, but we believe that to truly bring restoration to the streets of San Salvador, we need to understand the culture, language, and worldview of those we seek to serve.

That is why instead of calling our short-term trips “mission” trips, we call them Service & Learning Trips. Our hope and prayer is that as your group comes to serve and learn, you understand that you do have the opportunity of a long term mission and investment in El Salvador as part of a bigger picture of restoration happening in our city. We hope that you leave with a big vision and a big heart for El Salvador.

Learning and serving with us provides your group with the opportunity to learn about El Salvador and to work side by side with our Salvadoran staff. The purpose of your time of service is to share yourselves, and also learn from all of us with the goal of finding opportunities for growth, exchange, and transformation for everyone involved.

If you are interested in taking a trip to El Salvador with your church, school, or group, contact us for our informational packet and to start the conversation about serving and learning with us in El Salvador.



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