We value love, dignity, and respect and we are committed to seeing these values thrive in our community.

We are fulfilling our call to love God and to love those on the margins.

We believe every person has dignity as a unique creation of God and we believe in empowering them by providing tools and opportunities for dignifying work.

We respect each of our clients on their own healing journey and respect their choices and active participation along the way. As we work to show love, dignity, and respect in our community we are all mutually transformed.



We believe in one God, who exists in the three persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is perfect, holy, just, sovereign, and gracious.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, divinely and perfectly inspired by Him to give His truth to humanity.

We believe that humanity was created in God’s image and designed to have a personal relationship with Him, but through sin that relationship has been broken.

We believe that because we are unable to save ourselves from sin; God, in His grace, initiated salvation by sending His Son to reconcile us to the Father through His death. We believe that He works in us to call us into relationship with Him.

We believe that Jesus is fully God and fully man and that He died for our sins, and rose again from the dead.

We believe that God has called His people into community, expressed through His Church.

We believe that God equips His followers by indwelling them with the Holy Spirit, and by giving them gifts to glorify Him, edify the Church, and expand His Kingdom.

We believe that God has called His followers to work in all spheres of society to reconcile a broken and hurting world to Him.

We believe that the Gospel has implications for all parts of our lives, and that all of our efforts to reach and serve a lost world need to be centered on the news that Jesus Christ redeems us out of our sin and into a relationship with our Father. 

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