The Lighthouse Resource Center is a place for vulnerable members of our community to be connected with resources that help them to find holistic and sustainable ways to grow. Our community includes individuals and families confronting homelessness and extreme poverty, individuals struggling with substance abuse issues, individuals who have recently returned from the U.S., and women that have been victims of human trafficking and/or commercial sexual exploitation. We are open five days a week with the goal of providing tools to help all of our clients find healing and dignified work.


Our Model

There are resources that are available to the public, and there are also resources that are accessed as our clients participate in moving through deepening levels of commitment to the process of growth. The center is designed to address physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs in our community.

All of these resources help us to specifically address the issues of poverty, addiction, and trauma from sexual exploitation among our clients. We work to incorporate best practices in assisting our clients in addiction recovery, as well as providing holistic aftercare for survivors of sexual exploitation. Each of our clients work closely with one of our case managers to assure that the resources are helping them to move toward healing and growth.

  • Physical and Social Support of our clients includes a wide variety of resources such as shower facilities, meals, laundry facilities, and access to clothing as needed. In addition we meet the need for community through recreational facilities, games, and movie screenings along with special events throughout the year.
  • Spiritual Needs are met through Bible studies, mentoring, discipleship, and connections with local churches in El Salvador.
  • Counseling Services address emotional and mental needs in our community. Our clients have access to individual and group therapy, support groups, and specific therapies targeted at addressing substance abuse and the trauma of sexual exploitation.
  • Addiction Recovery Support is key to helping our clients in addiction recovery to achieve success in their lives. Through addiction counseling,
    social support, recreational activities, and job preparation our clients in addiction recovery have a support system to surround them on their journey to recovery.
  • Life Skills and Job Training resources are providing to help our clients begin to plan for their future and set goals for growth. Workshops address everything from self-care and money management to preparation for full-time employment.
  • Job Preparation Projects provide our clients with work experience and the opportunity for dignified work. These projects include Quilling Cards  and the Free The Girls program for survivors of human trafficking.
  • Comprehensive Aftercare for Survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation is provided through a range of resources including counseling, social support, job training, and labor reintegration. In partnership with Free The Girls, each survivor has the opportunity to start her own business selling bras. Combined with our other resources, survivors have access to long-term aftercare.

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