New Dawn Sponsors

El Salvador has one of the highest rates of alcohol-related deaths in the entire world.  Widespread poverty, violence, and trauma are contributing factors to substance abuse among children and teens.

Would you consider breaking this cycle by sponsoring a child caught up in substance abuse?

We are committed to providing free treatment to every child and teen that comes to the New Dawn Residential Program. In order to do that, we need a team of sponsors to come alongside of us. We need 11 sponsors at $40/month to cover the cost of one resident completing a full year of treatment.   As a New Dawn Program Sponsor, you receive exclusive updates and prayer requests from the residents and staff so that you truly can be a part of the journey!

Want to help be part of an actual “New Dawn” in the lives of at- risk kids as a sponsor? Click HERE to set-up your sponsorship!

Are you passionate about changing the story for kids in El Salvador? How about getting your friends involved? Your sponsorship + 10 friends’ sponsorships means that one child’s addiction treatment is fully covered! Visit our Advocate page for more information about how to use your voice to make an impact in El Salvador.

Lighthouse Sponsors

Offering holistic care means offering lots of resources and opportunities to our community. Ongoing resources and opportunities for our clients helps to prevent re-trafficking among exploited women, it helps to support long-term recovery from addiction, and it helps our clients to get off the streets and into a secure housing situation.

We need sponsors like you to help shine a light in our community by facilitating a hand up for those in need, not simply a hand out!

In order to offer comprehensive, free care to our community we need sponsors who are dedicated to providing resources and opportunities in our Lighthouse Resource Center!

We are looking for sponsors to join our team so that we can provide resources and opportunities to those who are in need of a fresh start. At $50/month you can be a part of facilitating that process.  We will even let you pick which resource you want to sponsor! Maybe it’s therapy, recreation, showers, or lunch? Contact us and we can dream together, or just click HERE to set up your Lighthouse Sponsorship!

Looking for a way to move your friends, your class, or your group to action? With you + 7 friends you can fund one entire resource for all of our clients! That’s teamwork! Click here for more info on being an Advocate and making a greater impact!

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