Our work is an extension of the greater work of God’s Kingdom. We believe church partnership is a two way street as we are all transformed together!

Local Church Partners

We are passionate about mobilizing churches in El Salvador to serve vulnerable populations right in our own communities. We would love to share our vision and see how we can work together to impact our city. We welcome local church volunteers and donations. Contact us to learn more about mobilizing your congregation to serve!

International Church Partners

El Salvador is the only country that bears Jesus’ name “The Savior” and we believe God has been at work in this beautiful country long before we showed up! We are so grateful to participate in God’s Work in El Salvador and we invite international partners to be part of this missionary work as well.  Churches can become involved by sponsoring our ministry as a whole, sponsoring individual missionaries, or helping to fund special projects and resources for our community. We also love to host our church partners on the ground with us in El Salvador! Contact us for more information about becoming involved as a church partner.

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