New Dawn

mtes_a_new_dawnIn San Salvador, there are hundreds of children living on the streets. Gang violence in their hometowns, family disintegration, and poverty all drive these children from their homes. Once a child is on the streets they become easy targets for drug dealers, gang recruiters, and traffickers. They often become addicted to various substances from a young age. Many children began sniffing glue to dull their hunger and later also begin to abuse drugs and alcohol. Early intervention with these children is key to eventually getting them off of the streets.

New Dawn is a program for children under 18 who are on the streets. Our goal is to give them a chance to start fresh, and to begin a new day in their lives. They come to our center for children where a social worker, psychologist, and teacher work to address their social and emotional needs. We also provide them with nutritious meals to meet their physical needs, and our staff also work to point them toward Christ by sharing the Gospel and addressing their spiritual needs.

New Dawn is a residential program that offers treatment and support for children struggling with addictions. We work to address the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental aspects of their addictions. We also work to connect with them their families or a safe living environment.

We are currently in need of individuals interested in sponsoring the children in “New Dawn” as they go through the program. For more information about how you can be a program sponsor, email us at

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