Lighthouse Bakery

mtes_bakeryIt is very difficult for our clients who have lived on the streets to find a job. Our bakery offers them a chance to gain experience in sales, and to share in the profits of the bakery. They are able to save money, and have a job to put on their resume.

Our bakery is managed by a professional baker, and the clients from our programs can apply to sell bread. With the money they earn, they are able to better their quality of life. Our bakery is also open to the public and all proceeds are invested back into the bakery make it self-sustaining.

Through their participation, our clients also receive job training and financial counseling. They are able to learn how to manage the money they are making and to set financial goals for themselves and their families.

In our bakery, we also offer baking classes to children in protection centers, and individuals in need of learning a trade that can provide them with work.

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