Back to Normal

We are finally starting to get back to some level of normal around our house. I am finished with the lecture phase of my Discipleship Training School at the YWAM base. I learned a lot about our organization and I also hide kind of a “time-out” from life to focus more on my own relationship with God. I am now working in the field assignment phase of the school. The rest of the class is doing an international outreach around Central America, but I will be staying here in San Salvador doing some work around the base, and doing our usual ministries with the street kids and in the children’s centers here. All that to say, I think that “Mr.Mom” is glad to have me back in commission…doing the school pick-ups and being more available for paperwork and other things around the house.  We also have had some more free-time for hanging out with our friends, and doing other things (such as catching up on this blog!)

So, what have we been up to? Last weekend we went to a poor community in San Salvador called Gerardo Barrios. This barrio has no running water, little electricty, and houses made up of materials like sticks, old signs, and garbage bags. Tori in particular was impacted by this activity asking questions like, “Why do those kids live in plastic houses?” and “Can I give them some of my clothes and toys?” We have loved using these opportunities of ways to talk to her about why were here, and how God cares for those people and wants us to care for them to.

We distributed clothes that were generously donated, and took some time to chat with the community leaders. We are considering becoming more invested in this community in the future. Here are a few pictures…

The people started lining up as soon as we pulled up with our trucks.
All the YWAM staff and students were helping out…some organizing the lines and some handing out the clothes.
The system worked well…one truck with women’s clothing, and one with men’s clothing.
There were many happy faces!
Tori and Ian were good helpers!
What a cutie!
Lots and lots of clothes!
One of the homes…as you can see this area has a lot of poverty.
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