This past summer we had the joy of hosting Aimee as our summer intern! She made the tough decision to give up a summer of earning money in Canada to raise support and give her time to serve at Mission To El Salvador. Before she left, she shared some of her reflections on her time with us. Check out her words below as she shares the part of her volunteer ministry that impacted her most during her summer of service in El Salvador.  One recurring event that had the biggest impact on me was feeding the homeless Thursday nights. Growing up as a Christian I have always understood the importance of prayer, and I have never struggled to pray- until I came here. Driving around the downtown streets of San […]

Staff Retreat 2015

We have an amazing team working with us. When we started building our programs, and dreaming about new projects and ministries we prayed that God would bring the right people to our team and He surely has. They all bring unique gifts, talents, and stories to the table and they are fun to work with. Just before Easter, we had our annual staff retreat.  All of us work in an urban environment everyday and the truth is that it can be exhausting after awhile. A change of scenery is great for everyone, so we packed up beach gear, food, and all of our staff and headed out to Punta Mango in the department of San Miguel. The trip took us about 3 hours but it was worth it to arrive at […]

Getting Creative

We have been getting creative around the Lighthouse Project lately with the addition of a new micro-enterprise project. It’s a small but effective way to combine creativity with a source of additional income for our clients. This new project is a type of card-making called filigrana, and so far we are having fun with it! The cards are designed by a girl that got connected with our ministry because she lives in a transition home for girls that makes service one of the requirements of the house. All the girls in this home serve each week at the Lighthouse Project, and this young lady has grown and matured through her involvement with us. She works to design cards for a variety of occasions and holidays, and then teaches our clients how to […]

Wrapping Up

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity around here. We have been wrapping up ministry and house stuff as we prepare to leave for our 8 week home assignment. We’ve also had all of the end-of-the year kids stuff…school parties and awards ceremonies, and today they competed in a tournament sponsored by their karate school here in El Salvador. Eight weeks is a long time to be gone, and wrapping things up so that we can get on a plane tomorrow has been a bit of a challenge. But here I am surrounded by suitcases and almost ready to go! We are so excited to see family and friends, to reinforce English with our kids, to share about what is happening in El Salvador, and to get […]

Training Workshop on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking. It’s a hot topic right now in the States, and it’s a global problem affecting millions every day who are living as slaves. Many of them are children. It is happening in the U.S., in Asia, in Africa, in Europe…in every corner of the globe people are being bought and sold. It’s happening in Central America too…right here in El Salvador there are victims. Many are being moved through Central America, or have been deceived into believing they have the chance for a better life in the U.S., so they trust the wrong person. As I talk to many around San Salvador, there is little information available on the problem. There is little awareness of what human trafficking actually is and how to recognize it. We ourselves are […]

Playing it Safe

How often have you found yourself praying for safety? For smooth travels or for quick healing? I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard people pray for good health, or for protection. Is this really what we should be praying for? What if our prayers became more about wanting to know God in every situation, and less about seeking personal safety? How many people in the Bible lived in safety? How many had good health? Not many! Instead we see wars, lion’s dens, and crosses on the pages of Scripture. Shouldn’t this be a wake-up call to us? What if we spent our prayer times asking God to take us into the most dangerous, and the deepest, darkest places to bring light in His name? What if our desire to obey Him […]


“This has been such an incredible journey.” I think that phrase is required for any indiviudal taking part in a reality TV show of any kind from an on-screen search for a husband, to making the cut on America’s Got Talent. It also seems to be scripted for all the Olympians who were competing for gold last week. I think the Olympic athletes were closer to the mark with describing their experience training and competing as a “journey.”  A journey implies going the distance. It implies a long road with ups and downs, twists and turns, challenges and joys along the way. There is failure and learning involved. Right now, at the YWAM base we have nine individuals on their own journey. They have made the choice to dedicate five […]

Intern Orientation Week

I can already tell that this summer is going to fly by! Last week was a great start with our Intern Orientation.  LeAnna and Heather will be working with us to do all of our ministries, get stuff done around the base, and host the teams that will be passing through El Salvador this summer. They are seriously awesome and we feel like we hit the jackpot getting to work with them all summer! Last week they had a full week with orientation to all of our ministries, training that focused on cross-cultural issues, and a brief overview of El Salvador’s culture and history including a visit to a local museum run by an ex-guerilla from El Salvador’s civil war. We ended the week with a trip to go hiking at La […]

Getting There is Half the Fun (Nicaragua Trip – Part 1 of 3)

We survived our tri-country road trip to Nicaragua and we had a fun time doing it! The kids were absolutely wonderful in the car thanks to snacks and electronic devices. The trip there and back was fairly uneventful with the exception of Jon getting stung by a bee five minutes into the trip, Honduran roads filled with potholes, immigration officials on lunchbreak, and a policeman who wanted a few bucks in exchange for giving Jon’s license back. It took us about 14 hours to get there counting border crossings, breaks for meals, and police checkpoints. Coming home we made it in 12 hours thanks to Jon finding a short-cut. The road was only semi-paved but it did shave some time off of our trip. The conference itself was a great experience too. We […]

Summer Internship 2012

We are excited about this summer! I know it’s only March, but we are already looking forward to it! The thing that I am personally the most excited about is launching our Mission to El Salvador Summer Internship Program! We are praying and looking for volunteers who are interested in being part of our summer staff.  As part of our staff for the summer, interns will be an integral part of all of our ministries and will gain experience in the Spanish language, urban ministry, ministry to kids at risk, youth ministry, working on a multi-cultural team, and working with those in poverty. Our interns will also help us with some of the logistics of our summer short-term missions teams. Each week interns will participate in these ministries, but also […]

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