Getting There is Half the Fun (Nicaragua Trip – Part 1 of 3)

We survived our tri-country road trip to Nicaragua and we had a fun time doing it! The kids were absolutely wonderful in the car thanks to snacks and electronic devices. The trip there and back was fairly uneventful with the exception of Jon getting stung by a bee five minutes into the trip, Honduran roads filled with potholes, immigration officials on lunchbreak, and a policeman who wanted a few bucks in exchange for giving Jon’s license back. It took us about 14 hours to get there counting border crossings, breaks for meals, and police checkpoints. Coming home we made it in 12 hours thanks to Jon finding a short-cut. The road was only semi-paved but it did shave some time off of our trip.

The conference itself was a great experience too. We went to the leaders’ conference the first few days, and then the staff conference started with leaders and staff from all the YWAM bases in Central America and Mexico. It was a great time to praise God and pray together, hear about current trends in missions, and network with others who are working in the region. The kids had the opportunity to be a part of a kids’ program the whole time and they had an absolute blast. There were some tears shed (by Tori, of course) when it was time to say good-bye.

We also got to do the tourist thing, so stay tuned for more posts with pictures of the fun stuff we got to see. Thank you all for your prayers…our time in Nicaragua was great!

Crossing the river into Honduras…hasta luego El Salvador!

Welcome to Honduras!

In Nicaragua…finally!

Beautiful view out the window on the way to Diriamba.

The hotel where we stayed…yes there is a tree in the middle.

The kids playing on the playground at the conference center.

The hotel had several pet birds…the bird lover (Tori) was in heaven.

Tori fell in love with this bird because it talked to her. We’ve had constant requests for “a bird like Rosa, please” since we’ve returned home.

Back to El Salvador…home sweet home!


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