Road Trip!


Preparations are underway for Operation Roadtrip 2012. We are heading to Nicaragua for the YWAM Regional Conference for all the missionaries working in Mexico and Central America. This will definitely be the longest car trip our kids have taken in awhile. Back in 2009 we travelled across a big chunk of the U.S. , but we all seemed to have blocked that out. Any major trips since that time have involved airplanes. As you can imagine, this trip is causing quite a bit of dread excitement around our house

The trip will take us from San Salvador, El Salvador to Diriamba, Nicaragua. Diriamba is located past Managua, somewhere around Granada. Mileage wise, it’s about the distance of driving across Pennsylvania. We’re not sure how many hours it will take us as we will be driving across three countries and dealing with two border crossings. We have the potential of facing “gringo pricing” immigration fees and potentially corrupt police checkpoints. Not to mention a lack of rest stops, cows in the road, and driving in a vehicle that does not have a DVD player. Suddenly, the PA Turnpike isn’t looking so bad.

But we will have a great adventure, I am sure. Tori is beyond thrilled that she is getting two more stamps in her passport this week and we are all excited to see Honduras and Nicaragua up close.  Not to mention the fact that we get to spend a week in Nicaragua eating the food and checking out the tourist sites.

We ask for your prayers as we travel, and as we spend time this week praying, meeting, and networking with our co-workers from Mexico and Central America. Pray that God would give us new strategies for reaching the youth of these nations. This region is one of the most violent in the world and all of us face the issues that come with poverty, gangs, and drugs. Thank you for your prayers…now back to packing!


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