Independence Day Weekend

I hate when the blog starts to fall behind, but it’s inevitable with crazy weeks like this past week’s party madness. So, I am finally getting around to an update about Independence Day weekend. Independence Day in El Salvador is on September 15th. On that day in 1821 El Salvador declared independence from Spain. Today it is celebrated through special events in schools, towns, and all kinds of public places. This year we had the added bonus of a three day weekend because the holiday fell on a Monday. Some Salvadoran friends invited us to their “rancho” on the beach in the eastern party of the country where we have never been before. El Salvador never falls to surprise and delight me and this weekend was no exception. The beaches are […]

Granada and Lake Nicaragua (Trip to Nicaragua – Part 3 of 3)

Last week we had one “tourist day” squeezed in between the end of the leaders’ conference and the start of the Regional Conference with all the YWAM staff from Central America and Mexico. After visiting Apoyo Lagoon, we headed to the colonial city of Granada. I love history and architecture and Granada did not disappoint. Founded in 1524, it was the first city in mainland America. It has both Spanish and Moorish influence in the architecture and design. Granada was a thriving port located on the massive Lake Nicaragua, which provided trade to the Atlantic through a river. It also left the city vulnerable to pirate attacks as the pirates could sail in from the Caribbean, down the river, through the lake and to Granada. I thought the pirate thing was […]

Apoyo Lagoon (Nicaragua Trip – Part 2 of 3)

Central America is an absolutely beautiful part of the world, and Nicaragua is no exception. While we were there, we visited the nearby Apoyo Lagoon or Laguna de Apoyo. Imagine a huge volcano that imploded in on itself thousands of years ago and then filled with water. That is what happened when the Apoyo Volcano erupted. The eruption created a thermally vented warm, clear, and blue body of water in the crater of a volcano. Lush forests slope down into the water, and the area is home to all kinds of birds and animals. We only had time for a quick stop and the day was cloudy, but it was well worth it to see this natural wonder of Nicaragua.

Getting There is Half the Fun (Nicaragua Trip – Part 1 of 3)

We survived our tri-country road trip to Nicaragua and we had a fun time doing it! The kids were absolutely wonderful in the car thanks to snacks and electronic devices. The trip there and back was fairly uneventful with the exception of Jon getting stung by a bee five minutes into the trip, Honduran roads filled with potholes, immigration officials on lunchbreak, and a policeman who wanted a few bucks in exchange for giving Jon’s license back. It took us about 14 hours to get there counting border crossings, breaks for meals, and police checkpoints. Coming home we made it in 12 hours thanks to Jon finding a short-cut. The road was only semi-paved but it did shave some time off of our trip. The conference itself was a great experience too. We […]

Road Trip!

  Preparations are underway for Operation Roadtrip 2012. We are heading to Nicaragua for the YWAM Regional Conference for all the missionaries working in Mexico and Central America. This will definitely be the longest car trip our kids have taken in awhile. Back in 2009 we travelled across a big chunk of the U.S. , but we all seemed to have blocked that out. Any major trips since that time have involved airplanes. As you can imagine, this trip is causing quite a bit of dread excitement around our house The trip will take us from San Salvador, El Salvador to Diriamba, Nicaragua. Diriamba is located past Managua, somewhere around Granada. Mileage wise, it’s about the distance of driving across Pennsylvania. We’re not sure how many hours it will take us as we […]

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