Independence Day Weekend

I hate when the blog starts to fall behind, but it’s inevitable with crazy weeks like this past week’s party madness. So, I am finally getting around to an update about Independence Day weekend.

Independence Day in El Salvador is on September 15th. On that day in 1821 El Salvador declared independence from Spain. Today it is celebrated through special events in schools, towns, and all kinds of public places. This year we had the added bonus of a three day weekend because the holiday fell on a Monday.

Some Salvadoran friends invited us to their “rancho” on the beach in the eastern party of the country where we have never been before. El Salvador never falls to surprise and delight me and this weekend was no exception. The beaches are beautiful, clean, and calm. Many of El Salvador’s beaches are downright treacherous so being able to enjoy the warm water without fearing for my life was definitely a treat!

The beach where we stayed was Playas Negras, and we visited the nearby Playa Maculis which is on a calm and protected cove. Jon got up early to head out with the locals to go fishing, and the kids made friends with everyone staying at the house. Monday was the actual Independence Day so we watched the local town’s parade right on our front doorstep.

I was reminded once again how grateful I am that we live in this beautiful country, and that my children get to experience such a rich childhood. It was a great weekend! Here are a few highlights…


“Miss Nicaragua” all ready for her speech in the school Independence Day celebration! All of the Central American countries celebrate their independence on September 15th.

IMG_4295Here she comes with the flag from Nicaragua!

IMG_4301Beautiful beach!

IMG_4305Making friends and eating pupusas!

IMG_4306Fishing boats lined up at sunset.


We built a bonfire on the beach and introduced our friends to s’mores…they loved them of course!

IMG_4313Nice hat Tori!


Watching the parade coming down the street.

IMG_4321The whole town was following behind the parade which included students from the local public school.

IMG_4329The drive home…we passed several volcanoes, and I will never stop being fascinated by them!

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  1. Will follow your blog. My daughter works with Free the Girls I have spent some time in SP Costa Rica in a non-expat area and have concerns about the children.

    Thank you for this post

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