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Seeing Through New Eyes – Viendo la Vida con Nuevos Ojos

There are so many days that our clients see themselves through eyes of self-doubt, or frustration. They may even see themselves through the eyes of an abuser, or through the lens of a traumatic circumstance. Our prayer is that over time that would begin to change. Our goal is to help them to see that they are loved, and that God truly loves them. Our dream is for them to see themselves as valuable, cared for, and worthy. We hope that when they arrive at our building, they see people that care for them. We hope that they see a future that can be theirs, and we hope that they see healing. Our goal is to provide an environment where they can see all of those things, and where they […]

A New Way of Seeing Things

It’s easy to take things for granted in life. One of those things is the ability to see clearly. Even if we wake up with blurry vision, we reach for our glasses or contact lenses and then we are ready to go. We can even get a simple surgery that gives us clear vision for life if we want. The thought of having to live with poor vision is one that we really don’t need to entertain because of the resources available to us. For our clients in El Salvador, things are not so easy. Many of them live on the streets or in extreme poverty and corrective lenses are a luxury that is simply not available to them. They don’t have the money or insurance coverage necessary. As their […]

Medical Mission with LACF

One of our partner organizations, Latin American Children’s Fund (LACF) is here in El Salvador this week. This weekend we worked with them to host another medical outreach in the community served by our health clinic. It was a great day, and 182 patients were seen at the clinic that we manage alongside of LACF. Many of those patients were children and the doctors did everything from diagnose fractured bones to cleaning teeth. We are grateful for LACF and their sponsorship of this clinic, and also for all of the volunteers (especially the doctors) who spent their free time serving the community. Lunch with the team and doctors to prepare for the clinic. These two hanging out! Getting set up and ready to go! We are so proud of our […]

Community Medical Outreach

One of our partner organizations, Latin American Children’s Fund (LACF) owns a health clinic outside of Santa Ana. We work in partnership with them to provide weekly healthcare to the community every Thursday, and to do various events to serve the community. This past Saturday, we spent the day at the clinic doing a children’s program and providing medical care and medicine to those in need. Six doctors volunteered their time, and local churches also sent volunteers to work with our staff to serve those who came. Here are some pictures from the day! Getting ready! Clowns are all set for the children’s program! The kids had a great time! Lined up and waiting for the gate to open. Taking a moment to pray for the families coming to receive […]

Health Clinic Opening

Today we were privileged to take part in the grand opening of a community health clinic in the rural community of Ayutepeque, near Santa Ana. It used to be a makeshift clinic badly in need of replacement. Today it is a real building ready to serve 1,400 men, women, and children! A doctor from San Salvador will make the trip out to the clinic to see patients. We were so excited to be able to help with this event! We also will be using some of the donations we’ve collected to help this community. Next Sunday, clothes we’ve collected will be distributed and donated medical supplies will be used to help stock the clinic. Thank you to all of you who have donated! This project was funded by the Latin […]

Back to Normal

We are finally starting to get back to some level of normal around our house. I am finished with the lecture phase of my Discipleship Training School at the YWAM base. I learned a lot about our organization and I also had kind of a “time-out” from life to focus more on my own relationship with God. I am now working in the field assignment phase of the school. The rest of the class is doing an international outreach around Central America, but I will be staying here in San Salvador doing some work around the base, and doing our usual ministries with the street kids and in the children’s centers here. All that to say, I think that “Mr.Mom” is glad to have me back in commission…doing the school pick-ups […]

Off The Grid

Well, I’m going off the grid for a week…that is I’m not going to have computer access. I am leaving the city tomorrow morning to go to San Juan Nonualco. It’s a town about an hour or so outside of San Salvador and there is a new church that recently started there. I am going with the other DTS students to help the church get the word out that they exist and are working in the area. We will be doing some work on the streets in the town, as well as going into local schools, and also some rural areas. From what I hear we will be doing a lot of hiking into the jungles and woods around the town. Meanwhile, back in San Salvador, Jon will be taking […]

In Rina’s Words

For five weeks this summer we had the blessing of having Rina, a volunteer from the States, stay in our home and volunteer in some of our projects. She became part of the family and we really miss her! She just left last on Friday and I asked her to reflect a little on her time in El Salvador, just to give a glimpse into what it’s like to volunteer here. This is what she wrote: On June 10th  I hugged my dad goodbye in the Pittsburgh airport and tried to clear my head as I walked to my departure gate. I was excited that the day had finally come for me to leave for El Salvador but I was apprehensive about what the next five weeks would bring. When […]

Life is an Adventure

This past weekend we had a great experience as a family in the department of Usulutan. This is a rural area of El Salvador that was recently hit very hard by Tropical Storm Agatha. We headed out to Usulutan on Saturday morning with the students from the Night School, the YWAM staff, and a volunteer from the States who is helping us out for five weeks. We definitely had an adventure sleeping on the floor of a church in a small community with no indoor plumbing…hello outhouse! But our kids took it like champs and all in all we had a great weekend doing a construction project at a church, delivering food to those who needed it, helping clean up an area that was destroyed by flooding, hosting a bonfire for […]

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