Health Clinic Opening

Today we were privileged to take part in the grand opening of a community health clinic in the rural community of Ayutepeque, near Santa Ana. It used to be a makeshift clinic badly in need of replacement. Today it is a real building ready to serve 1,400 men, women, and children!

A doctor from San Salvador will make the trip out to the clinic to see patients. We were so excited to be able to help with this event! We also will be using some of the donations we’ve collected to help this community. Next Sunday, clothes we’ve collected will be distributed and donated medical supplies will be used to help stock the clinic. Thank you to all of you who have donated!

This project was funded by the Latin American Children’s Fund. You can visit their website at , and also view a video about the history of this clinic. If you would like to donate to this project, check out their website for all of that information.  LACF is a great organization and we are so glad we were able to help with this grand opening today, and we hope to continue to support their efforts in Ayutepeque in any way we can.

Here are some pictures from today’s events:

The front entrance where the crowd is gathering.

Sign announcing the community clinic.

Front view of the clinic

Another view of the newly finished building.

An army band entertained the crowd, alongwith several puppet shows, dances, and musicians from the community.

Lots of people came for the opening.

Everyone from the community was gathered together.

Some girls from the community performed a traditional Salvadoran dance in traditional dress.

After the ceremony, the kids of Ayutepeque got to smash five piñatas. Everyone in the community also got a slice of pizza and a soda.

Jon dumping candy over the crowd. Everyone left happy!

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