This past summer we had the joy of hosting Aimee as our summer intern! She made the tough decision to give up a summer of earning money in Canada to raise support and give her time to serve at Mission To El Salvador. Before she left, she shared some of her reflections on her time with us. Check out her words below as she shares the part of her volunteer ministry that impacted her most during her summer of service in El Salvador.  One recurring event that had the biggest impact on me was feeding the homeless Thursday nights. Growing up as a Christian I have always understood the importance of prayer, and I have never struggled to pray- until I came here. Driving around the downtown streets of San […]


Today’s blog is in Madalyn Chevalier’s words. She just finished a five month internship with us and she had some closing thoughts as she finished the last weeks of her internship.  So many wonderful things have happened that I barely know where to start! The more I think about it, the most ministry comes from friendships created with clients. Yes we provide therapy.Yes, we provide drug-dependency workshops. But that is not the whole story. It is dangerous and decieving to just tell one story. Yes, El Salvador has issues but if you choose to only listen to one story, you will never hear of the continued rise in healing and revival. You will never hear of the miracles happening every day as people find hope in Jesus. Not because us […]

To the Volunteer Coming from Outside – A Los Voluntarios que Vienen de Afuera

Today one of our summer interns, Savanna Groft, is sharing some of her thoughts about her volunteer experience, as well as some words of wisdom for anyone thinking of volunteering with a non-profit organization.  Most credible texts, whether the Bible, a journal article, or some other scholarly work, emphasize that real change happens from the inside out. Jesus made it very clear that what makes us clean or unclean is what comes from within our hearts, not external things, like food, that we put into our bodies (Matthew 15:11, 17-20). Scientists, even those who think nurture plays a big role in our lives, will tell you that nature, or what exists within us, is integral to our development. The same concept applies to cultures and social systems. I came to El […]


It’s definitely time for a quick update. Our internet was iffy for the past few weeks so I haven’t been able to post anything, not to mention we have been running, running, running for days! We are in the homestretch of the school year for the kids which means final projects, tests, and a general wrapping up of 1st and 4th grade. I can’t help it, the last few weeks of the school year are always bittersweet for me. I hate the fact that my kids are growing up so fast, and I am looking forward to having them around all summer. We also have continued to have growth in our ministries with the Lighthouse Project welcoming more homeless men and women each week, and the addition of another girl […]

That’s A Wrap

Today we are wrapping up our first ever summer internship! The summer has gone so smoothly, and we really have our two great interns to thank for it! Heather will be flying back to the States tomorrow, and LeAnna will be staying for a few more months to do the Discipleship Training School here at the YWAM base. These girls have just been awesome as they have wrestled through issues of cross-cultural communication, poverty, and how God fits into it all. They have dedicated themselves to serving God and the people of El Salvador with a passion. I have learned so much from them as they have jumped right into ministry. For me, I find that after two and a half years I waver in my passion from time to […]

Intern Orientation Week

I can already tell that this summer is going to fly by! Last week was a great start with our Intern Orientation.  LeAnna and Heather will be working with us to do all of our ministries, get stuff done around the base, and host the teams that will be passing through El Salvador this summer. They are seriously awesome and we feel like we hit the jackpot getting to work with them all summer! Last week they had a full week with orientation to all of our ministries, training that focused on cross-cultural issues, and a brief overview of El Salvador’s culture and history including a visit to a local museum run by an ex-guerilla from El Salvador’s civil war. We ended the week with a trip to go hiking at La […]

Short-Term Season

The “short-term missions season” is upon us. Our kids are wrapping up their last week of school, and our summer interns are on their way to El Salvador as I write this. We will have North American teams and volunteers passing through our doors all summer long. We hope that it is a valuable experience for everyone. Short-terms missions have become a billion dollar “business” and millions of North Americans travel around the world each year to serve. This is a good thing, and many people have benefitted. We have been incredibly blessed with amazing volunteers who have come to El Salvador to learn from and encourage local missionaries and Christians. We also have seen people develop a heart for missions as a result of a short-term trip. This is a good thing! But […]

Summer Internship 2012

We are excited about this summer! I know it’s only March, but we are already looking forward to it! The thing that I am personally the most excited about is launching our Mission to El Salvador Summer Internship Program! We are praying and looking for volunteers who are interested in being part of our summer staff.  As part of our staff for the summer, interns will be an integral part of all of our ministries and will gain experience in the Spanish language, urban ministry, ministry to kids at risk, youth ministry, working on a multi-cultural team, and working with those in poverty. Our interns will also help us with some of the logistics of our summer short-term missions teams. Each week interns will participate in these ministries, but also […]

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