Intern Orientation Week

I can already tell that this summer is going to fly by! Last week was a great start with our Intern Orientation.  LeAnna and Heather will be working with us to do all of our ministries, get stuff done around the base, and host the teams that will be passing through El Salvador this summer.

They are seriously awesome and we feel like we hit the jackpot getting to work with them all summer!

Last week they had a full week with orientation to all of our ministries, training that focused on cross-cultural issues, and a brief overview of El Salvador’s culture and history including a visit to a local museum run by an ex-guerilla from El Salvador’s civil war. We ended the week with a trip to go hiking at La Puerta del Diablo (“Devil’s Door” in English) where the interns got to hike on an ancient Mayan site and also eat some typical Salvadoran food at a local restaurant.

They both have jumped in headfirst, and we are thrilled to have them here! Please pray that these girls would grow in their own faith and understanding of God as they are serving El Salvador this summer!

LeAnna and Heather

We love them already!

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