Granada and Lake Nicaragua (Trip to Nicaragua – Part 3 of 3)

Last week we had one “tourist day” squeezed in between the end of the leaders’ conference and the start of the Regional Conference with all the YWAM staff from Central America and Mexico. After visiting Apoyo Lagoon, we headed to the colonial city of Granada.

I love history and architecture and Granada did not disappoint. Founded in 1524, it was the first city in mainland America. It has both Spanish and Moorish influence in the architecture and design. Granada was a thriving port located on the massive Lake Nicaragua, which provided trade to the Atlantic through a river. It also left the city vulnerable to pirate attacks as the pirates could sail in from the Caribbean, down the river, through the lake and to Granada. I thought the pirate thing was pretty cool!

We spent a few hours walking around, eating lunch, and checking out the Lake. The kids were very impressed with Lake Nicaragua…it’s the 20th largest lake in the world and the whole country of El Salvador could fit inside! If you are ever in Nicaragua, you’ve got to check out Granada!

We visited the chocolate factory where we saw how the cacao plant is crushed and made into chocolate.

Beautiful churches were all throughout the city.

Inside one of the churches.

So much of the Spanish Colonial influence was seen in the churches, sculptures, and plazas around the city.

The sidestreets had colorful little cafes and restaurants.

The place we ate lunch had this flower garden.

Checking out the street map…how do we get to the lake???

Lake Nicaragua

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