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We have been getting creative around the Lighthouse Project lately with the addition of a new micro-enterprise project. It’s a small but effective way to combine creativity with a source of additional income for our clients. This new project is a type of card-making called filigrana, and so far we are having fun with it!

The cards are designed by a girl that got connected with our ministry because she lives in a transition home for girls that makes service one of the requirements of the house. All the girls in this home serve each week at the Lighthouse Project, and this young lady has grown and matured through her involvement with us. She works to design cards for a variety of occasions and holidays, and then teaches our clients how to make them. The cards are then sold at our center, at our guesthouse, or shipped to the U.S. for sale. We will soon be selling them in local churches and businesses as well.

Our clients can come to the center and make the cards during the designated workshop hours. For each card that is made they receive a small profit, and the young lady managing the project receives payment as well. It is something small, but we are glad to be able to offer an opportunity for our clients to get a break from the streets and spend the afternoon doing something creative. There is something very therapeutic about creating something beautiful by hand.

If you are interested in learning more about buying or selling cards, email us at

IMG_6361IMG_6362IMG_6363IMG_6364IMG_6367IMG_6368Designing the cards and preparing all of the materials is a big job!

mirna cardsel faro card classcardclassCard-making workshop in progress.





The finished projects!

5 Responses to Getting Creative

  1. Am so excited about this program. I will be offering cards for sale at my Church ect as soon as we get started. This money can go to keep the people employed. When jobs are difficult to find you are finding a way to employ and use talent God Bless

  2. I might be able to take orders and sell some at the Club for Free the Girls.
    Let me know how to go about this. We would have to give the money
    to FAWCO for Free the Girls.
    Eileen – FAWCO Region 1 Coordinator

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