“This has been such an incredible journey.”

I think that phrase is required for any indiviudal taking part in a reality TV show of any kind from an on-screen search for a husband, to making the cut on America’s Got Talent. It also seems to be scripted for all the Olympians who were competing for gold last week. I think the Olympic athletes were closer to the mark with describing their experience training and competing as a “journey.”  A journey implies going the distance. It implies a long road with ups and downs, twists and turns, challenges and joys along the way. There is failure and learning involved.

Right now, at the YWAM base we have nine individuals on their own journey. They have made the choice to dedicate five month of their lives to take the yearly Discipleship Training School that is run through YWAM El Salvador. They are spending time learning about their relationship with God, others, and the world. They are also studying the Bible and being mentored and discipled through teaching sessions, practical hands-on urban ministry, and an eventual two month practical field assignment where they travel out of El Salvador and put into practice everything that they have learned.

Some are married, some have kids, some grew up without families. Some are barely out of high school, others are in their thirties. All of them want more out of life. They want to know more of God and what it means to walk through life with Him.  

We are along for the journey too. Jon is working closely with the students this year. He is helping to teach them about the ministry that we do in the city, and he is meeting with some of the guys for one on one discipleship. Our family will be closely involved with these nine students for the next five months. Please pray for the students of the Discipleship Training School. Pray that they would hear God, and pray that we would be an encouragement to them as they walk this road.

Please pray for the students, staff, and teachers involved in this year’s Discipeship Training School!

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