Tori and Ian

A lot of people have asked how Tori and Ian are doing since we’ve been here. They are hanging in there…still in the adjusting period and I’m sure they will be for some time! They did great on the flights down here. Ian refused to walk in the airport, which was not so fun dragging our carry ons and our son! When we arrived in San Salvador, they were both terrified of the escalator, it was very steep. They both finally got on it then fell down. They were screaming, and the airport employees had to stop the escalator while we rescued them! Everyone was staring at the gringos and their loud gringo kids!

Tori is trying to talk to everyone in Spanish, and everyone here loves Ian and his blonde hair. There aren’t many North Americans who come to El Salvador with their children. Most North Americans come here for vacation or for business, and not usually with kids so we definitely stand out. So far, they love the attention…especially Tori!

We had a great opportunity to take them to La Casa de mi Padre this past Friday. That translates, “My Father’s House” in English and it is basically a foundation that houses children who have been removed from unhealthy situations and works to reconcile them with their families if at all possible. Our friend, Kurt Ackermann, is on staff there and our teams from Discovery have helped out there on various short-term trips. The kids there were having a fiesta because it is the end of their school year. They will be on “summer” vacation until the end of January. Our kids had a blast playing with the kids there and eating some traditional Salvadoran food. Tori and Ian weren’t so sure about all of the food, but they were brave enough to try it! It was kind of a dream come true for me for us all to be there together, hanging out with the kids. This is why we came here – for our family to have the opportunity to reach out to the kids of El Salvador. There is much more ministry to come, but it offered a glimpse into the things we can do as a family.

Last night, we went out to eat at a pupuseria. Pupusas are a traditional Salvadoran food. They are basically a tortilla with things like beans, cheese, and meat inside. They are then topped with a vinegar based cole slaw and a tomatoe sauce. They are absolutely delicious, and Tori and Ian loved them! As we all ate dinner together, I couldn’t help but be really proud of our kids and how well they have done this week. God has blessed us with great kids and I’m so glad that they have such a sense of adventure! Kids are great that way…they are quick to suspend judgement, and don’t bring pre-conceived notions to the table. They just go with it. I’m hoping that I can keep the same attitude that Tori and Ian have shown this week!

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