A Dream Come True (or Adventures in Deep Seas Fishing???)

Sometimes I bump into God in the most unexpected places. You’d think that being a missionary would mean that I have some kind of special connection with God, or some “inside track.” A lot of times it’s quite the opposite. I feel lost in the daily things…the little negativities that crawl inside my mind and make their home there. I lose perspective, and I forget that in the middle of it all God deeply cares for us.

Then He makes a dream come true. Ever since I was a child if you asked me my dream place to live I would have answered that my dream is to be near the ocean and the mountains. I said this as a kid, but I never really dwelled on it. The other night I was on our terrace looking out over the city and it dawned on me, “I’m living my dream.” We live on a beautiful volcano about 25 miles from the ocean.

God did that. He brought me to a place where my dreams can come true. It’s something so little, but God reminded me that He is in this and that He cares. A big (if not the biggest) part of this whole missions thing is God working on my heart and bringing me closer to Him.

He loves our family and He wants to make our dreams come true even if we forget that in all those little doubts and big burdens that we drag around with us everyday. He’s not just in our big dreams, but He cares about the little insignificant, “oh, I really would love to do that but it will probably never happen” dreams too. He cares about that stuff, even though it’s so small.

Recently, Jon got to have one of his dreams come true. He loves hunting and fishing and all of those outdoor manly-type sports. The team from Canada that was here a few weeks ago had some guys in their group who love that stuff too,  so they decided to spend their free day deep sea fishing. Jon has wanted to do this in El Salvador for a long time but it has never been able to happen before. These guys brought him along for the ride, and they had a great time fishing, watching dolphins, and even seeing a whale! They ended up bringing in 25 huge fish that we distributed among co-workers and friends. All of our life is impacted by God…He’s in deep sea fishing trips too.

Since coming to El Salvador we have faced some tough times, but we have also had some of the most beautiful, amazing, and thrilling times of our lives. God is a good God, and He loves us enough to even care about all of our little dreams too.

Here is a picture of Jon’s great day fishing with the team from Canada. Thanks guys…you are awesome!

Pacific sunrise

Wrestling with a marlin

Got him! Al with the Catch of the Day

Hundreds of dolphins surrounded the boat all day

Jon with a tuna

Reel it in!

A dorado putting up a good fight

Nice catch Kelly!



3 Responses to A Dream Come True (or Adventures in Deep Seas Fishing???)

  1. Always amazed at how God works and cares for us. This day will ALWAYS be rememebered by me… beautiful scenery (43 miles out into the pacific ocean), great friends (both old and new) and a FANTATIC day fishing! A Dream Come True! Thanks IAM1RU and team!

  2. Okay…we did not let Jon tag along….Jon was a key member of this team. It was also a dream of mine….a dream of Kelly’s. To go out with this crew and have the “mother” of all days. What a blessing. My arms still hurt from the “hook and hoist” routine. But more than that was Jon leading this team into incredible impact. Partnering with Dream Agents Ken & Michelle Desaulnier…oh my. Work hard…play hard. That’s the way we roll!

  3. So glad to see that God is still an incredible impact in all of your lives and that you are all still standing strong. I wish that I could have been there for that fishing trip! It sounds like it was a life-changing experience, and I am incredibly jealous that you guys get to live their and experience these incredible things. I’ve been trying to keep up with everything that has been going on with you guys in El Salvador. I miss you guys, love you, and hope to see you again in the future.

    -Brayden Myers (Canadian El Sal team from Brampton Christian School – March, 2012)


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