A Great Loss

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the news that our dear friend Gerber has passed away. We have spent many hours pouring into him, and he has been involved in our homeless ministry since it began four years ago. He has been on the streets for nearly his whole life. He was learning to read and write in our literacy class, and we shared God’s truth with him every week.

Gerber had a great heart, and he loved to help out with anything and everything around the center. He considered himself to be Jon’s “personal body guard, ” and he took pride in guarding Jon’s truck and looking out for all of us.

He found joy in joking around with everyone. He was always smiling and he loved to have fun. Gerber will be greatly missed by our family, our staff, our volunteers, and everyone in the Lighthouse Project community.

To Gerber, we say that we love you, and we miss you…the streets took you far too soon. To our friends, we ask that you pray for us as we grieve this great loss.

jon and herber


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  1. Mission To El Salvador Family, Staff, Volunteers, & Community….

    This is a time to experience His Presence & Promises in the absence of this precious servant & student of the Gospel…..God’s faithfulness to bind up your broken heart, flood you with peace that passes understanding, comfort you in this season of grief, and renew your hope and strength to answer the call, commission & commitment of the high call in Christ Jesus!

    Thank God that we grieve not as those who have no hope! Believing with you that your ministry is and has been fruitful & effective unto Gerber’s salvation and that the grief of this great loss is the eclipse of Gerber’s great gain & glory!….The ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE of the resurrection life & power of Christ! AMEN!!!

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