A Roof Over Our Heads…

It’s Thursday afternoon just before 2 o’clock and it’s a typical day at the center…hot, humid, and loud. There is a young survivor of human trafficking in the office meeting with me about starting her own business selling bras. Another girl who is already in the program waits to buy another bag of bras to sell. Meanwhile Jon is playing checkers with one of our clients in between phone calls.

Outside on the sidewalk there are 25 homeless men, women, and teens waiting for the front door to open so they can come into the Lighthouse Project for our Thursday meeting. They are waiting to shower, eat lunch, and meet with our staff. By 2, there will be at least 10 more.

A visiting team and our local volunteers are getting set up for today’s meeting. Fresh bread from the bakery is wafting through the center, and the phone rings with someone who wants to drop off a donation.

On a typical day we can have up to 50 people through our doors whether they are there to attend a meeting, work in the office, buy bras, volunteer, or sell bread. The center is the heart of what we do and lives are greatly impacted by what goes on there each and everyday,

In short, our dreams are coming true.

MTES purchased this building a year and a half ago with the goal of being a place where the community could come for resources, and for hope. We are seeing that happen everyday.

The center has been renovated and is in great shape…except for one last project. Friends, it seems that we need a new roof over our heads.

Our current roof is leaky, and the false ceiling is patched up with pieces of it falling away to reveal holes. Dirt falls down, and the ceiling tiles blow in the wind. We are now into the Central American rainy season and the potential for major leaks is huge.

Next month a construction team is coming to repair and renovate the roof. They are fundraising for the cost of their trips, and they are also generously helping to fundraise for the project costs.

But we still need your help!

The full cost to renovate the roof is $8,600. We are off to a great start with help from the team, but we still have $6,100 left to raise. This will cover the cost of removing the false ceiling and dry-walling a newer, higher ceiling that will help with air circulation. We will also be able to run new (and correctly done!) electric work throughout the building, and we will be able to install a fan in the ceiling to keep rising temperatures down in this hot and humid climate.

We are grateful for everyone who has joined with us to purchase the building and renovate it up to this point. Would you consider helping us to jump this last hurdle?

If you are interested in helping us to put a new roof over our heads, you can donate to Mission to El Salvador by visiting our donation page, which includes a link to donate easily and securely online. No amount is too small and all gifts are tax-deductible. If you would like to help us reach our goal, please indicate that your donation is for “Roof Repairs.”

Thank you so much for your support, and please join us in praying that we will reach this goal!

el faro centerThe Lighthouse Project building in San Salvador

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  1. Danielle…Thank you for sharing your day in El Salvador. It really helps to get a picture of what life is like at MTES. WOW! What an AMAZING work God is doing in and through you all! I’m THRILLED to hear about the construction team coming in and am praying with you and believing God for the funds to be released…above and beyond what we think, dream, ask, or imagine! AMEN!!!

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