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We have been doing this whole cross-cultural missionary thing for almost a year and a half now. Sometimes it feels like forever, and sometimes it feels like just weeks and like I’m still the “new kid.” This past weekend we had the privilege of hearing the perspectives of three individuals who have been doing this for a whole lot longer than us! We spent Saturday as a training day with some of the YWAM Central America leaders. The Central American director was there as well as another couple who are part of the leadership committee that is over all the Central American bases. The couple, who are American, stayed at our home. I loved hearing their stories of 30 years of ministry spent in first Guatemala, and then Nicaragua. I like hearing from those on the “other side” who have survived long-term mission work and have raised a family along with way.

I also feel a lot of hope for the future of our base. YWAM El Salvador is a fairly new base. Since it started, there have been ups and downs and staff members coming and going.  Right now we are in a time of building a strong staff and a strong strategy for reaching El Salvador. It comes down to the fact that we need more staff members and we need a new property to call our own. A staff member recently left the base due to finances and we are all feeling the extra burden. We also need more space for a designated office so we can get work done even with teams and DTS students staying at the base.

The leaders reminded us of why we are here, and reminded us of Biblical values that we need to make sure we are weaving into all of our decisions and ministries. We closed our time with them by praying for the base, for staff, and for strategies to reach our city and country.

I know that many of you who read this blog pray regularly for our ministry. Please be praying with us for more staff members to join the base, and please be praying for God’s direction as to a possible change of location for the base.  God has called us to work among the homeless men, women, and children of the city as well as the kids at risk. We want to be open to His direction of the best way to do that at this time. Thank you so much for praying for us!

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