Places to Visit in El Salvador

Trip to Morazán – Part One – Museum of the Revolution

This past week we spent two days in the department of Morazán, up in the far eastern corner of El Salvador on the border with Honduras. We’ve never been to this part of the country before, and it was nice to get away and out of the city for a little while. It was about three hours of driving from San Salvador before we arrived…with winding roads the whole way! The department of Morazán is not only beautiful, but it is also filled with lots of history as it was a place where many guerillas and guerilla supporters lived during the Salvadoran civil war in the 80s and early 90s. We visited some of the historic sites, as well as explored some of the natural beauty of the region. I’ve broken […]

A Little History

Well, my parents are gone now. They left yesterday. We had a great time with them and it was very sad around my house last night. This is the part I hate about being a missionary…sigh. Anyway, as I said in my last post, we got to do lots of fun stuff while they were here. One of the things I really enjoyed was getting a little more of El Salvador’s history. On Monday we toured the National Cathedral, including a visit to Oscar Romero’s grave, and also the National Palace. I have included some pictures below but I’m warning you that they are horrible pictures! I think I had the wrong setting, or the flash off or something. I’m a pretty bad photographer so I hope you can still […]

My Life as a (Sometimes) Tour Guide

My parents are visiting us in El Salvador this week. This is the second time that they’ve visited us and it’s always exciting because they bring us lots of stuff that we miss from the States, we get to hang out with them, and we get to act like gringo touristy types. We don’t get to do this too often because we’re too busy doing our actual jobs most of the time to get to enjoy some of the beautiful and unique parts of El Salvador. So we got to be tour guides and show my parents around. On Saturday, we took a boat ride on Lake Illopango.  This is a crater lake formed by the Illopango volcano. It’s a beautiful ride with turquoise waters and a glimpse into the […]

Lessons Learned from an Artisan

This past weekend, our Spanish tutor invited us out to his town to take a look around. He is from the town of Quetzaltepeque, which is named after a volcano. It is a little town, but very beautiful. The town offers not only beautiful scenery, but talented artisans as well. We visited a view of their shops and got to see them at work on their craft. The place that struck me the most was the little shack where jars are made. These are used for cooking beans, rice, or for decorative purposes. Clay is mixed with water, kneaded, and then thrown on a potter’s wheel until something beautiful results. There was one man in particular that we watched for quite awhile. He has been a potter for seventy years. He […]

Exploring the Mayan Ruins

This past Sunday afternoon we took a picnic lunch and headed out to the local Mayan ruins. Some are still in the excavation process, but still very interesting to see. These ruins are approximately 3,000 years old. I’ve never seen any buildings that old in my life! It was very hot and dry! The rainy season is still a few months off but things are getting pretty dusty around here!

Land of Volcanoes

This week has been a stark reminder of how volatile life can be on this planet earth. The devastation in Haiti is staggering. So quickly life can literally be turned upside down. On Monday, we had a minor scare here as a 6.0 earthquake hit off the coast of Guatemala right on the border with El Salvador. Our house had some minor shaking and we had some Salvadorans here at the time and they told us we had better get outside! It’s been the second 6.0 earthquake we’ve experienced since we got here and I can say that I hate the feeling! The earthquakes here are quite frequent but there hasn’t been a bad one since 2001 and I’m hoping not to be dealing with one anytime soon! The geography of […]

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