Crossing Paths…Some Thoughts on Hosting the World Race

Part of our role includes hosting volunteer teams that want to serve in El Salvador. This past month we hosted one such team from the World Race. The World Race is an intense 11 month mission trip around the world to serve the “least of these”, and each month features a different country. They spent the third month of their journey with us in El Salvador.

This team of seven were servants in every sense of the world. They spent the majority of their time working at the Lighthouse Project, and so they spent literally hours this month hanging out with our friends from the streets.

They simply loved them. They loved them through a listening ear (despite the language barrier), and through countless cups of coffee and games of checkers. They reminded me that no matter how much logistical or administrative work I have to do, people are what really matters to God.

In life, there are friends who are in our lives for years, and there are also those with whom we simply cross paths. God can use all of them to serve Him, and to speak into our lives.

We want to say thank you to our new friends, and we look forward to one day crossing paths with you again.

world race teamIf you would like to read about the World Racers’ experiences in El Salvador, check out the blogs under “C Squad” on the World Race page. We were one of several ministry hosts to the various teams that spent this past month in El Salvador.


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