Discovery Team Gets It Done!

We had a great time with a work team from our sending church, Discovery Christian Church. They have supported us in El Salvador from the very beginning, and they kicked off our fundraising campaign for the ministry center through their BRIX capital campaign. It was so fun to have the first group from Discovery actually see the building and what is going on there.

They came with the purpose of laying ceramic tile throughout the building and they worked HARD! Painting, laying tile, sawing, demo, they did a little bit of everything and we are so grateful for all of their hard work!!!!

Let’s get to work!

Demolition Day!

Looks like Tori wants to break some stuff too!

Painting, painting, and more painting!

Ian wanted to get in on the action!

Our friend Anne was in town, and she helped paint and sort through the donations that the team brought down with them.

No one was afraid to get their hands dirty!

More painting!

Room after room of ceramic tiling!

Service with a smile!

Not only did the team work hard in the center all week, they also had a pizza party for the boys at CISNA , and helped out with the Lighthouse. CISNA presented Jake with a special picture thanking him for Discovery’s work on the soccer fields a few years ago.

Making meals to feed the homeless…thank you Discovery for all of your hard work!


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