Well, here we are in MD…Jon is finished working at UPMC and we are living at my parents house for now during this transition time. We are busy with logistics and details for our move. It’s definitely strange to be here while the rest of the world is going back to school and busy with their lives. We are just in a waiting time, and a time of a lot of good-byes.

One of our toughest good-byes was August 30th as we had our last Sunday at Discovery Christian Church. Discovery is our family in many ways. We have been involved there since it began six years ago. We have so many relationships that have brought such fun and encouragement into our lives. Our Journey group at Discovery, our friends, the staff have all been by our side through the loss of Jon’s dad, a difficult pregnancy with Ian, and just the ups and downs of life. It seems strange to be facing this new challenge without the weekly encouragment that Sundays at Discovery have always brought.

Being around the staff at Discovery, and the leadership there have really pushed us to new levels, really pushed us to step out and do something for God. We are so grateful to Toney, Bryan, Kristen, Ethan, Ryan, Stacie, Greg, Jeanlynne, and all of the leadership at Discovery who helped us to realize that we don’t want to settle…we really want live a life that makes a difference because that’s what following Christ is really about.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity shown by so many at our good-bye reception…thank you to all who helped! Thank you for the encouraging words, thank you for all of you who helped us move! Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your love for our kids! We are truly going to miss Discovery, thank you for the part so many of you have played in this process for us. We have changed lives because of Discovery…we will miss you!

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