Easter in Color

Yesterday was Good Friday and many streets in El Salvador were alive with color.  Starting at dusk on Thursday evening, and working all through the day on Friday,  people used dyed sand, sawdust, and salt to create works of art depicting Jesus life, death, and Resurrection.

We spent the afternoon looking at the “alfombras”, or carpets,  in the town of Santa Tecla. Good Friday is also a day when many people participate in processions to remember the Crucifixion. On their way to church, the processions pass over the alfombras. We walked down the street right before the processions to the local church began so we got to see the alfombras in full color.

So many times when we are out on the streets it is to feed someone who is hungry, or talk to someone who is suffering. Viewing the beautiful colors in the street reminded me of how the hope of Easter never fades even in the middle of impossible sadness, and pain, and troubles.  Seeing the face of Jesus everywhere yesterday made me realize that He is always alive and working in the streets of El Salvador.






As you can see from this last picture, someone has a sense of humor. Yes, that is the Facebook “like” symbol worked right in to the design.

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