Election Day

Today Presidential elections are being held in El Salvador. A new President is elected every 5 years, so this is the first time we have been in the country for a presidential race.

Things are a little different in El Salvador, as we saw this morning as we drove to church and passed buses with various party colors weaving through traffic to get voters to the polls. The polling places had the usual traffic you see in the States, plus pick-up trucks waving party flags lining up to drop off passengers.

El Salvador also has some unique policies for elections. We read in the paper yesterday that polling places are established along gang lines so that no one has to cross into another gang’s territory to cast their ballot. In addition, “Don’t Drink and Vote” seems to be the rule as a dry weekend was declared across the country. A quick stop at the grocery store today revealed aisles of alcohol taped up with a notice that no alcohol was to be sold.

Today Salvadorans are deciding between a former guerilla leader, the mayor of El Salvador, and a former President. If no one emerges with a clear majority a run-off will be held in March. These candidates have vastly different opinions on the future of the country and El Salvador seems to be a nation divided.

We care for El Salvador and for all of the people here. We want to see peace and prosperity and an end to the poverty and violence that plagues the nation. Please pray with us for wisdom for all Salvadorans and for the winning candidate to truly seek the best for the country.


The liquor section at our local supermarket





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