I can’t really think of another word to describe how I felt after reviewing and evaluating how things went around here in 2019. We just published our 2019 Annual Report so feel free to take a look. In the meantime, here are a few highlights:

Last year we inaugurated the Lighthouse Resource Center. Since opening our doors, 350 clients have walked through those open doors, and 11.14% of them have entered into our “level system” where they have the opportunity to invest more of themselves and receive more of an investment from us. We’ve learned the issues facing these clients are complex, but we are reaching them. For our first year, we are pretty excited to see that members of our community are making decisions for change, finding healing, entering into discipleship, and seeking restoration in their relationship with God and others.

New Dawn continues to have an 88% success rate. Friends, this is nothing short of miraculous! This is beyond 0ur comprehension and an amazing testimony to the power of God in the lives of these boys and young men. Our graduates continue to do so well, and our residents continue to find healing and recovery. This is truly God’s faithfulness, and we have a front seat to miracles each day!

We also have had opportunities to reach our community providing things like weekly meals, and medical care. We are supporting a local church for deportees and other vulnerable members of our community that meets in our building on the weekends. Our Christmas outreach was a success, and our school drug prevention program is steadily growing.

Reviewing the last year, and sharing the information with our donors and staff has given me a lot of time to reflect on the true faithfulness that God has shown all of us through this ministry. He is the one bringing change, and He is the God of the processes we see at work in the lives of each client. He is faithful to the vulnerable, and He cares about the lost. He is also so faithful to us and we are truly grateful to have the opportunity to be faithful too.

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