Fun at the Beach

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to get out of town for two days at the beach. We went with our fellow staff members from YWAM for a staff retreat. It was a much needed opportunity to have fun together and just relax. So much of our time as a staff is spent in meetings, planning events, organizing missions teams, and doing our weekly ministries so it was great just to get to know each other more and enjoy some down time.

Friday night we arrived and did some swimming and walking on the beach before sunset. Then, we built a bonfire on the beach. It was so peaceful to watch the flames fading into the night sky as we listened to the waves rolling in. The stars were so clear and I loved just taking in the darkness and quiet.

Saturday was a great day as we swam, fished, played on the beach, read books, and relaxed in the hammocks.  Ian learned to swim underwater this weekend so that was a great highlight for him. Saturday evening we headed back to the city. It was so refreshing just to get some time with our kids and friends, and just to enjoy nature and the peace of the ocean.

Here are some pictures from our weekend:

A beautiful black sand beach in El Salvador

Tori and Ian love the beach!

A girl after my own heart! She loved having extra free time to read.

Awesome waves, man!

Francisco, our director, having some fun fishing.

Fun in the sun!

Our little fish!

Tori found a branch and went “fishing” with her Daddy.

Ian fell and scratched his nose, poor kid…but he’s still a cutie! 

Love this beach…nothing else around.

Jon and the other guys caught a few fish…a local family was happy to have them for dinner!

Great sunset to finish off a great weekend!


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