Getting Creative

Next week is Semana Santa (“Holy Week”) and everyone goes to the local beaches during the vacation days. Costa del Sol is a popular beach in El Salvador, and next week it will also be the site of an art exhibit featuring original paintings by men, women, and children involved in our programs and ministries.

The idea is a creative one, and it was developed by a generous donor and friend who offered to sponsor an exhibit featuring works of art painted by survivors of trafficking, and men and women who have lived on the streets of San Salvador. The artwork will be sold, and the money invested back into our projects.

This past week our artist friends have given several painting workshops and we have all worked to help those we serve express themselves, and create their own beautiful artwork. It has been powerful to hear some of the girls share how their horror and hope is reflected in their art, and to see some of the guys who spend all day on the streets pour themselves into creating something new and beautiful.

Yesterday, we gathered some of the women who are involved in the Free the Girls project and my artistic friend shared with them the truth that we serve an amazing Creator. Because of Him, we too have the potential to create and to express something original and true. He is constantly creating something in us, and urging us to partner with Him.

There is healing found in art, and a simplicity in putting brush to canvas that calms and inspires. I am grateful to the women that donated their time and supplies, and I am excited to share our friends’ works of arts with El Salvador next week!


IMG_2577IMG_2592IMG_2593IMG_2595IMG_2589IMG_2599IMG_2606IMG_2597IMG_2587Ready for the art exhibit next week!

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