Good-bye SPLICE

Tomorrow morning is our last SPLICE session and then we will be leaving Mission Training International. The past five weeks have been an accelerated time of personal and family growth and I feel like this little patch of Colorado is in many ways sacred ground for our family. We have learned things about ourselves and how much we still need the truth of God to change the dark places of our hearts. We also have had great insights into our kids and into how they will handle the good-byes, transitions, and changes of this next week and a half.

We have made so many incredible relationships here, ones that I know will last once we leave this place. It has been encouraging to be with other missionaries who know the struggles, but also the excitement of serving God cross-culturally. Now I will know that on the days that I am afraid, there are others in dangerous countries where they can’t even speak the name of Christ. I will know that on days when I am lonely, that there are other mothers all across the world who are raising kids in a foreign culture, and I will know that when we say good-bye to a team from the States or to family who are visiting that there are others saying painful good-byes as well. All our friends from SPLICE, we are going to miss you!

The trainers here and the children’s staff are incredible and have had made a lasting impact on our life that will count for eternity.  They have loved our kids in such a special way.

Thank you God for these past five weeks. Thank you that you love our family enough to let us experience the joys and pains of growth. You are so good to us.

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