Happy Independence Day El Salvador!

This past week we celebrated another Salvadoran holiday – Independence Day! On September 15th, 1821 El Salvador, along with the other Central American republics, was freed from Spanish rule. Every September 15, El Salvador celebrates with parades in the streets and patriotic speeches. Children get the day off of school, and many businesses are closed. There are lots of fireworks set off, and bands playing in the streets in the days leading up to the holiday. Everywhere we looked this week, we saw the white and blue flag of El Salvador flying proudly! We were glad to see people safely celebrating in the streets after the fear that was felt in the city last week!

On the day before Independence Day, children participate in patriotic marches at their schools. Bands play, and flags are waved. Both Tori and Ian got to be part of the festivities in their schools this year.


Tori got to march dressed in native Salvadoran dress with the other kids in her class. She took the role very seriously!

Her class also spent the week making flags of El Salvador for the march.

She especially loved the chance to “dress up” in a native dress.

At Ian’s school, they had a band playing before the pre-schoolers hit the streets for their march.

Ian was all smiles as his class started their march. See if you can find him in this crowd (hint: look for the blonde kid).

Here he goes…marching along!

Ian got to help hold a picture of the national tree of El Salvador.

Ian saying the Pledge to the Flag of El Salvador. Both my kids learned the pledge in school and the national anthem of El Salvador. I realized this week that I need to make it a point to teach them the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag and our national anthem as well!

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  1. Hello, I am looking to replace an outfit I borrowed from a friend to use in our Christmas program at church this year. The child wearing the outfit stepped on the lace and ripped it. It is the exact same one your daughter is wearing in the pictures. Is there any way you could direct me to where I could purchase the same dress? Would be much appreciated!

    Blessings to you!

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