Heal Our Land

Yesterday during one of our weekly worship times at the YWAM base, we sang a song called “Sana Nuestra Tierra.” In English, this simply means “Heal Our Land.” As the music filled the room, tears filled the eyes of many who were gathered there. Many in the room were Salvadorans, and El Salvador is a land in desperate need of healing.

A few weeks ago, Jon saw yet another young man dead on the street…shot through the head.  There is a girl in one of the centers here who is 13 years old and pregnant with a baby conceived when her father raped her. Sexual abuse is epidemic and there are 16 homicides per day. That’s more than New York, Baltimore, St. Louis, or L.A. Extortions and crime are everywhere. Injustice hangs in the air.

Living and working here sometimes feels hopeless. How can we stop the tide of injustice that rushes in and threatens to flood the city? How can we begin to heal the victims of abuse, or those trapped in addictions, or those stumbling under the weight of poverty? 

We can’t. But God can.

So we cry out “heal our land.”  I want to be used by God. That is all I want. I am so full of failures, and so ill-equipped for this task. But if God is healing this land, I want in. I want to be part of it, I want to be front and center and part of the plan.  Please God, use me to heal this land.

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  1. Continue to persevere! I know that God is using your efforts to make a difference in lives of the people of El Salvador, one life at a time. I am with you Danielle, my heart longs for a day when hope has been restored and extreme poverty in El Salvador is a thing of the past!

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