There is a movement that is happening, and has been happening, all across the globe. It’s a movement into the city. People move in for jobs, for a fresh start, to connect with family, or to step out on their own.

Urban environments are strategic environments for God…and for his followers. 

The heartbeat of our ministry is in the city of San Salvador, and that’s because it is the heartbeat of the whole country. There is need and opportunity and culture and growth and beauty and heartache all crowded together. The city is a living, breathing movement that we can be a part of. 

That’s not unique to San Salvador, but it does feel unique to cities. 

Taste of El Salvador in Baltimore…pupusas sold in this corner diner.

I love visiting cities because they are such wonderful pictures of culture and color. So many people and languages become neighbors. Right now, Jon and I are Stateside with our family for a few weeks and we had the opportunity to explore the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore on foot. Taking a walk is still the best way to see a place and we passed storefronts with multiple languages posted, restaurants of all flavors, churches, businesses, and artwork of all shades. The complexity of it all always makes my heart beat a little faster…the city is so alive. 

We were able to connect with a local church and talk about being good neighbors to some of the newer residents, including many from Central America. I loved the heart of this church. It was old and historic and everything I love about city churches, but their hearts were looking for opportunities around them to engage in new and different ways.

Perhaps this is what I love the most about living and working in the city. The opportunities are always there…to grow, to serve, to learn, to transform, and to be transformed. I hope that our hearts never stop searching for ways to be good neighbors, for ways to embrace those who live next door, and for ways to make our homes in and open our church doors to the complexity. 


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