Let the Packing Begin

So, apparently we’re moving. We live in a great house, with a great view, a great landlord, and a great avocado tree. But we were given an opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up. We have friends just up the volcano from our current home who offered us the chance to rent a house on their property for a very reasonable rate. The pros are many: more outdoor space, a more functional kitchen, and a little path where hopefully the kids can finally learn how to ride a bike without training wheels!

But now we have to do the endless packing, cleaning, organizing, and reorganizing necessary to move a family of four (plus two dogs!) up a volcano. I hate it because I get sentimentally attached to every home we live in. I don’t know why because I don’t get sentimentally attached to ANYTHING ELSE except for houses when I have to move out of them, and random stuff from high school when my mom calls me and begs me to let her throw it away. I know, it’s embarassing.

But I am thrilled for this next chapter, and hopeful that we won’t have to move out of this next house for a long, long time. This home where we live now has been sacred ground in many ways. I’ve spent many hours questioning and crying and (sometimes literally) banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what in the heck I am doing here. But it’s time for the next chapter, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of crying and questioning and head against the wall banging left in me for the new place.

6 Responses to Let the Packing Begin

  1. So, are there dents in the wall you have to fill and paint over? Or just blood splatters. What an exciting move for you. I assume it is a quiet volcano, or are there rumblings? Don’t you love this adventure–some days? I, too, have those days. I call them “hate it” days. They pass. I love hearing all the tales from our MTI buddies. I think the Huckabees have the most exotic location…

  2. Moving is lots of work. I’ll be praying you have the energy you’ll need to get it all done. Will this make a difference on the travel time to the locations where you do ministry?

  3. No dents, but the kids might have done some “artwork.” It’s a pretty quiet volcano and the last eruption was in 1917. We’ve collected rocks from the still existing lava field. Now, no lava, just tremors. We usually feel about three little ones a month. But no matter where you go in El Salvador, you’re in “earthquake zone” so we have just gotten used to it. I agree, the Huckabees are definitely out there.

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