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Right now we are in the middle of a great two weeks with the Discovery teams! Keep checking the Discovery in El Salvador blog for updates on the men’s construction teams that is already hard at work at CISNA! Also, one of the member’s of last week’s team took lots of great pictures. You can check the photos out here.

This week we are excited about welcoming new missionaries to El Salvador! Jake and Becky Hjemvick and their two kids are moving to El Salvador today to work with an organization called Christ for the City. We’ve known the Hjemvicks for a long time, and this is a huge step they are taking in their own lives. Tori remembers their kids from the States and she is looking forward to seeing them soon. You can check out what they are up to by visiting their blog.

Last week we saw many on the youth team who were impacted by their experiences in El Salvador. We hope that all of the summer volunteers experience something that they can use when they return home to impact those in need right where they are!

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