Lucky Duck

I’ve been a little jealous because Jon just got back from a trip to the States last week. I’ve been missing that place lately so as he left the house for the airport, I had to fight down the angry green monster. In the past, I may have been jealous because I wanted to go there and STAY. But not now. No, I just want to visit. I just want to walk down the street and not see anyone with a machine gun, eat a bunch of peanut butter cups, visit a public park on my own with the kids, be able to say easily everything I want to say, and flush toilet paper down the toilet.  Just the little things.

Alas, it was not meant to be  this time…but I’m glad Jon got to go. He got some work related meetings done, and touched base with family including the newest member, Penelope Rose Sadd.

Here’s the Lucky Duck himself with our new niece.

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  1. I have tremendous respect for all missionaries. You willingly leave behind so many familiar, comfortable things that we all take for granted. Thank you for the sacrifices you make while doing God’s work in El Salvador!

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