Market Day

We walk down the crowded street, rubbing shoulders with many along the way. The scent of sizzling tortillas is carried on the breeze with the smell of cigarette smoke and fresh bananas. The air is filled with the songs of women selling their fruits and vegetables…bananos-tomates-cebollas-chiles. Stalls filled with baby clothes, furniture, pirated DVDs, and shoes line several streets while on another few blocks sit rows and rows of fruits and vegetables in every color. Little shops with cheese and cream sit next to shops selling meat and bread. We move quickly through the crowd. It’s not a great idea  to linger long in downtown San Salvador with cash in our pockets. But we stop to chat for a moment with the usual ladies who give us the best prices. The city steams as the sun bakes the bright awnings and black pavement. Colors and sounds and people and the calls of the vendors surround us.

It’s market day.

Fruits and vegetables grown locally are fresh and cheap…we eat a lot more fresh produce in El Salvador than we did in the States.

The market is always packed with people.

You can find anything in the huge downtown market.

Everyone is buying and selling.  

We’ve had fun trying all of the local produce.

Jon loading up some bags at the usual booth where we shop. The ladies at the market refer to him as “Chelito.” This is what fair-skinned, light-haired people from a region of El Salvador called Chalatenango are called. They are descended from original Spanish settlers.

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