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I am going to try to put into words the amazing things that have been happening in El Salvador regarding the community ministry center. When we set out to open this ministry center, we did so with a lot of praying and a lot of hoping. We weren’t sure what the timeline would look like, or where the funds would come from.

Friends, I am excited to share that in just a few weeks time all of the needed $80,000 to purchase this center have been donated! Yes, the FULL amount! We never in our wildest dreams imagined that we would have the funding so quickly. Literally, we are still shaking our heads in disbelief that this has even happened. There is nothing to do but express our gratitude to God, and thank Him for confirming that this dream will grow into something real much sooner than we ever thought possible.

I want to share with you the ways that God has been moving. First, we sent out a general request for funding to all of our supporters through this blog, and through our quarterly mailing. We already had the first $40,000 through Discovery Christian Church and another organization. The owner of the building promised to offer us the building (previously priced at $110,000) for $80,000 if we could move quickly to secure funding. We honestly thought we were going to have to take out loans to cover the cost and then work over the next year to raise the remaining funds. We were fully prepared to spend the next year fundraising just to cover the purchase price…the incredible thing is that within a week we had the remaining $40,000 in donations!

After sharing our need, we got an email from a faithful couple who have supported us monthly. They gave the first donation towards the project within just a few hours, and encouraged us tremendously. Next, Jon received an unbelievable email from another supporter that told us a check for $10,000 over her normal giving amount had been mailed the day BEFORE she even heard of our need. She had felt God laying on her heart that her and her husband should donate the $10,000. Her husband also felt God urging him to donate that amount before they even discussed it.

Next, we received an email from another donor who said that he and his wife had been praying and had felt God calling them to donate $25,000 to a project to help orphans and those in need. After reading about the ministry center, they felt the funds were to go to this project. This was just three days after we first shared our need, and we had a total of $75,000 ready to go!

Those selling the property pushed for a November 26th closing date, and we continued to pray for the final $5,000 to come in. Last week, a family member happened to be sharing the story of the incredible ways that funding was coming in, and another non-profit dedicated to helping those in need donated $5,000 to complete the needed funds and secure the property.

Yesterday, the paperwork was signed, and we now have the keys in hand. God has greatly strengthened and encouraged us as we have seen the surprising and unexpected ways that He has paved the way for this project. We are so very grateful for our donors who have listened to God’s voice and responded in such generosity.

Our timetable for opening this ministry center has been moved up, and we are ready to move directly into Phase 2 – Renovation. We are still in need of funds to renovate as the estimated costs to realize all the potential of this building are around $25,000. We have no doubt that God will provide it, and we are ready to get started one project at a time.

We thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement. Our desire is to see people in San Salvador restored…spiritually and physically and we feel that we can better do this through a permanent ministry base in the city. We will keep you updated with all the details as we continue to meet with our fellow workers at YWAM El Salvador and plan to move forward!

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  1. Danielle & Jon–Sooo awesome to read about the detailed answers to prayer for the ministry center funds!! God works in unexpected ways!! He is Jehovah-jireh…our Provider!!

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