Mother’s Day Celebration

Yesterday we had a big Mother’s Day celebration with all of the moms who are involved in our programs. We invited all the moms from the Lighthouse Project, as well as the moms involved with the Free the Girls project.  It was great to get all of the girls together and have a fun time with them.

They were welcomed at the door by one of our volunteers who dressed in a suit and gave each a rose. Then they came into our “salon” where they got their hair and nails done. After everyone got their makeovers we had some snacks and played a game. We also had a guest speaker, our friend Evelyn, who has a beauty salon here in San Salvador. She shared with the women some reflections on her own journey as a mother. We raffled off some small gifts, and a complete makeover at Evelyn’s salon. To wrap things up, we had sandwiches and cake.

These women face unbelievable obstacles in their lives, and they all have their own stories. One woman left behind a young daughter when she was deported from the U.S., another is trying to raise four children while living on the streets, and still another faces difficult choices about fighting for a better future or returning to a situation where she will be exploited again.

We can’t fix it all, or make it all go away, but we can honor these women, respect them, and dignify their role as mothers to their children. We can also come alongside them, cheer them on, and offer them hope. They were all touched by the event and each woman left with a rose in her hand and a smile on her face.

Once again we thank our donors for making our work possible, and we thank our amazing volunteers who donated their time and effort to make the day special for these special women.

Here are some photos from our Mother’s Day celebration…

IMG_3026IMG_3033 IMG_3039 IMG_3046 IMG_3040 IMG_3049

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  1. Danielle….What a wonderful way to express the heart of God and to demonstrate His love towards these precious women! There is no doubt in my mind that the seeds you are sowing will bear fruit and yield a great harvest!

    Matthew 25:40 (NIV) “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me.’

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